Image of Dome interior

This is the last image taken of the mural inside the dome.



After I finished the outline, we put up scaffolding that stands approximately 4 feet beneath the pinnacle of the dome. I have begun masking shapes off and filling them with color.
  My goal is to finish by the 15th of October.

Drawing on the Ceiling

By Sep 23, the dome is primed and I am ready to come in and project the image on the ceiling. I used a six foot-mirror, a twelve-foot tripod latter, a projector, some clever geometry and three assistants (thanks Mom, Arturo, Jamonn) to get half of the design on the ceiling. The other half I drew in by hand with a c-thru ruler. It was tedious but was the best way to get a 2-d image on a 3-d object with the proportions intact.
Because of the curvature of the dome, some of the lines converged and a few shapes toward the perimeter of the design were simplified, other than that it is pretty much the same as the digital image. Below is a pic of the finished drawing on the ceiling.

Color Comps

I drafted five color comps with different color palettes and two color comps using the original palette. Ultimately, we stuck with the first draft. The image was approved and after a little over a month of research and preliminary work, I had the image that would go on the interior of the dome.

About the Image

This pattern was created for a mosque that was built in the ninth century in Fez, Morocco. It is called the Qarawiyyin Mosque and is the largest mosque in Africa. 
Helpful as it was, simply having the pattern wasn't enough. I needed to build the beautiful, lattice-like image by doubling the width of the lines and overlaying them. This seemed simple enough but proved to be more difficult that I had previously imagined. I ended up learning how to make the grid to make the pattern and from there was able to create an overlaying template that would help me increase the width of the lines without compromising the integrity of the image. This is the grid.
After all that was finished I was able to make the pattern you see below.
This was the third attempt, the first two did not line up when I repeated them :)

The Image

By Aug 24, we had selected the image.

The image was strong, had clean straight lines and had a geometric nature that seemed more easily replicable than an image with a lot of curves. As far as concept it was both Moroccan and also seemed to call to that original idea of a kaleidoscopic image.
That same day they submitted a palette of colors they had specifically chosen. After pairing it down from six colors to four colors, I created a rough of the final shape that would go on the dome with the colors plugged in. This was the first comp.

Mural on Interior of Dome

On Aug 7 I began working on a project to do a mural on the interior of a dome at a private residence. The dome is approximately fifteen feet deep and fifteen feet wide (like a globe cut in half.) The client originally wanted a kaleidoscope image on the ceiling but before I had even met with them, they had written it off as "too complicated." Their choice was for something distinctly Moroccan and they sent me this image. 

I begun researching the internet for the project the same day and after getting a rough idea of what I liked and was looking for, set out for the library (if you haven't already been, the Brand Library in Glendale is quite lovely and " is the most extensive collection of art and music books this side of the Mississippi.")


Day and Night

This is a quick little painting I did a while ago. It is based on the principles of additive color theory-RGB- the stuff all tv's, computer screens, color photography, projectors and videos use. It's one of those things you sort of take for granted. It differs from the color theory I learned in school in that when all colors are combined they make white (as opposed to subtractive color theory) where all the colors make black.



So it's been a while but I have a whole bunch of new stuff I will be adding here shortly. This is something New.



Space bubble energy vortex

yellow on teal

Photoshop version of the Miranda Kerr drawing.

over and over again

I kinda got stuck on this drawing of Miranda Kerr for a while. Sometimes when I complete a drawing that I'm really happy with, I will make as many modifications to it as I can until I've exhausted all my ideas.



Old/New sketchbook entitles The Dynamic Properties of Steam. This drawing was inspired by my Dad's Chevy.